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FAQ – Online Orders

My part says it’s on backorder.  What does that mean?

A part listed on backorder is currently out of stock.  We may be making more at the time of your order, or it may be a part we only make if we have an order pending for it.  We want to make sure you get the best and newest part.  If you need an exact lead time please email with the C16 part number.

Tax Exempt:

First check your order total – does it contain tax?  We do not charge sales in all states.  If it does contain tax and you are tax exempt please email a copy of your tax exempt certificate to us.


Put your order number at the top of the certificate or in the email.  We do NOT keep certificates on file.  A copy must be submitted for each order as it goes to our accounting department with a copy of your order.

Shipping on own account:

If you have a FedEx or UPS account you would like to ship with, no problem.  At the last page prior to submitting your order please select “Use this option to ship on your FedEx/UPS Act.#” from the shipping options drop-down menu, than in the comment box below your credit card information put how you would like it shipped – FedEx or UPS, the service level (Ground, 2Day, etc.) and your account number.

Why does the C16 part number have to match?

If your C16 number does not match exactly, you will not get a direct replacement.  Once a C16 part number is assigned it remains to those exact specifications.

What if the C16 part number does not match?

If you cannot find a direct replacement please email or call us with the part number your looking for. or call (616)241-4200.

My part says Altdorf Germany or lists an 016 part number, what does that mean?

If your part says Altdorf, you have an 016 part.  Please email or call us to see if we can find a U.S. made C16 part number to accommodate you.  If not we will look into ordering the part for you. or call (616)241-4200.

Cylinder Mounting Instructions can be found here.


A Variety of Applications

With hundreds of applications already in existence, the potential new uses for SUSPA SERIES 16 non-locking gas springs are virtually limitless. SUSPA gas springs can fulfill most gas spring, hydraulic dampers, shock, struts and prop needs.

Automotive uses include tailgates, engine hoods, tonneau covers, pick-up cap windows, and luggage doors on busses.

Some residential uses include skylights, lawn and garden equipment, exercise equipment, awnings and fold-up benches. In healthcare, hospital beds, operating room tables, and even tanning beds are equipped with gas springs.

In office settings, gas springs and dampers have proven to be acceptable and useful. Some applications include overhead office bins, copy machines, blueprint plotters, mail processing equipment and counterbalance arms for computer terminals.

SUSPA gas springs and dampers are used on the shop floor in applications such as machine guards, conveyor gates and flex arms.

SUSPA SERIES 16 non-locking gas springs include the following product lines:

  • 16-1: Gas Springs For lightweight applications with limited space. 6mm rod, 15mm diameter tube.
  • 16-2: Gas Springs Our most popular size. Used for lifting and counterbalancing light to medium weight applications. 8mm rod, 18.5mm diameter tube.
  • 16-4: Gas Springs Our highest rated domestically produced spring. 10mm rod, 21.5mm diameter tube.

SUSPA is your worldwide leading manufacturer of gas springs and dampers. For nearly 40 years, SUSPA has offered a proven, time-tested, high performance gas spring line: SERIES 16. Conforming to the highest worldwide standards for lifting and counter-balancing, it features simple, easy motion. The basic design allows for a wide variety of applications with different forces, and takes into consideration ecological conservation. SUSPA gas springs are resistant to nearly all environmental conditions.

Definitions and Operations

A gas spring is a self-contained, hermetically-sealed hydropneumatic linear actuator containing pressurized nitrogen gas, which provides an output force.

SUSPA gas springs offer a unique alternative to conventional mechanical or coil spring lifting or counterbalancing devices. The advantages of these gas springs involve a combination of a relatively flat force curve, controlled forces and extension speed, and damping at the end of the stroke. The spring rate for a gas cylinder is far less than for any mechanical spring.